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  Finding good software isn’t an easy feat! Especially when the day to day running of your business relies so strongly on the systems that you and your team use. That’s why you should... Read more »
  A brand-new, fully immersive interface, promised to us way back in the 80s, has finally arrived. Flat screens are on the way out, virtual environments are coming in, and it’s going to change the... Read more »
At Atlas, we love building things that help people solve problems within their businesses. It’s the reason we created both Staff Squared and Fundipedia. This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve... Read more »
Failure is an inevitable part of life. However, failing at something does not necessarily have to be a bad thing as some people might choose to believe.  The optimists among us will recognise failure,... Read more »
When it comes to web browsers, most people choose one based on its speed and ease of use. Google Chrome has been the one which people have swayed towards over the past decade. With that in mind, here are... Read more »
  When you think about the best reporting tool for business, you probably think of Microsoft Excel, right? It would make sense if you do because Excel has been the go-to for what feels like an eternity.... Read more »
  Of course, a knowledge of programming languages and how to apply them to software is key to landing yourself a job offer, but if you aspire to be a truly outstanding software developer, you are... Read more »
“We need to grow up” This was what came out of the team meeting that kicked off a brand refresh for Staff Squared – and my first project as the new designer at Atlas Code. Staff Squared was launched... Read more »

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