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Bootstrap Fixed Width Sidebars

Dean North | 25th April 2017

Bootstrap is a css framework that thousands of websites use to help speed up development, enforce consistency, and keep their sites responsive. Bootstrap is used by all kinds of websites, from marketing websites, web applications, intranets, html based windows applications, you name it, someone some...

Outsourcing software development – a guide

Simon Swords | 20th April 2017

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on my personal website outlining how to outsource software development to a third party company. I’ve decided to flesh that blog post out and create a more comprehensive guide. The guide consists of four parts, and will cover the entire process a business ...

Advanced RequireJS Bundling with TypeScript

Dean North | 18th April 2017

Modern web applications now use huge amounts of Javascript. Javascript is often given a bad rep because of its lack of strong typing, namespaces and many other features that would help keep a large project tidy and maintainable. Because of this, TypeScript, CoffeeScript and a few other languages hav...

Atlas is now CyberEssentials and Crown Commercial Service Supplier accredited

Simon Swords | 29th March 2017

We’re delighted to announce that we are both a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and Cyber Essentials Accredited. Why has Atlas done this? Let’s break it down and give you some background. In addition to building websites for our lovely customers we also build, manage and sell a range of...

Atlas nominated as one of the top 50 most innovative companies in Essex

Simon Swords | 25th February 2017

We work hard to not be labelled as just another software company. We invest an enormous amount of time in research and development work – a huge amount of which never sees the light of day sadly as it’s too “bleeding edge”.  However, when our efforts pay off they tend to pay...

New tool: Custom team notifications for domains and SSL certs expiring

Simon Swords | 14th January 2017

If you’ve worked with a web team for long enough you’ll have heard the panic that ensues when a client’s website has gone down for seemingly no good reason. The client is on the phone demanding answers and nobody on the team has the faintest idea what caused the downtime. “Ca...

Time flies while you’re having fun

Simon Swords | 23rd June 2015

If time flies when you’re having fun, the team at Atlas must have had a blast over the last three years as we’ve failed to update this blog in that time.  It’s somewhat embarrassing that we haven’t made the time to update this blog, but in our defence we’ve launched do...