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STRATEGY 5 – TRADITIONAL (WATERFALL) VS AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Requirements changing or being added to are almost an inevitable fact of software development, so failing to plan for them is to plan... Read more »
When looking at different ways of testing software, you’ll find that there are software testing methods to suit any application, system or unit of code. Within each of those, there are different techniques... Read more »
STRATEGY 4 – USE WIREFRAMES AND PROTOTYPES TO YOUR ADVANTAGE In many ways, one of the hardest parts about creating software is not the actual building of the software, but instead the communication... Read more »
FlexBox is a new CSS layout engine that has been around for years. Today there is good browser support. All modern browsers support FlexBox and even IE11 supports it (with a couple of bugs). Checkout all... Read more »
Bespoke software developed and built specifically for your business needs can increase staff productivity, boost sales, save time and money, and help you make smarter business decisions. But getting your... Read more »
STRATEGY 3 – PRIORITISE AND BUDGET BUT KEEP YOUR SCOPE FLEXIBLE One would imagine that every software development project needs a detailed, step-by-step plan. The kind of plan that would outline... Read more »
We are looking for a Customer Support Agent to join our team. We love small and medium-sized businesses worldwide but specifically those that are home-grown. We’re one of them, we know what it’s like... Read more »
There are times when you might want to put a link on your desktop to a web app which loads it like a native app would appear, with a place on the dock/taskbar and the ability to Alt/Control + Tab. This... Read more »

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