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Big ideas drive progress

Posted on: October 28th, 2010 by Simon Swords

Before we tell you about all the amazing things that are taking place here at Atlas let me first say that we’re hiring.  If you are a .Net ninja and SQL show off, get in touch.

So we’ve been quiet over the summer but for good reason, our new chairman has been driving us forward hard and as a result we have a number of amazing things to shout about.

Firstly we should tell you the five big goals we now have in place for the next two years, they’re ambitious but we think we can achieve at least two out of  five.  In fact, we have already achieved our first goal of opening office space in London:

  1. Open office space in London – done!
  2. Rebrand Atlas starting with our logo – done, we have a new website too
  3. Hit the £2m per year turnover mark in the next two years – yes we know turnover is vanity but it’s a nice round target to aim for
  4. Position ourselves as the Software as a Service (SaaS) development company in the UK, Europe and maybe the world
  5. Get Atlas certified with Microsoft – done, see the blog post on our experience here

So we now have offices in London, the exact address you’ll find on our contact page.  Over the last couple of years we have been working on larger projects for bigger customers and we want to locate ourselves so that we’re easily accessible.  We’ll keep our offices in Essex as there’s no real benefit in relocating all of the staff to London.

To coincide with our new business aims it was decided that it is high time for a rebrand.  We’re already working on our new logo and can’t wait to show off the new website when that’s ready around December time.

So what’s with the turnover target I hear you ask?  Well KPIs as I’ve come to know them, or in other words numbers you can review every day/week/month to get a feel for your business, are in my opinion fun and exciting to watch.  The turnover is an obvious target, and I’m also monitoring our turnover in conjunction with our net profit, cost of sales, revenue per customer/industry and a few other internal metrics to ensure that we focus on the most profitable areas of the company.  On a more personal note, large goals such as the £2m turnover mark in two years are also incredibly important for me as CEO to keep me focused on the bigger picture.

Our final target is slightly less tangible but nonetheless still very important.  We genuinely feel that there is a lack of SaaS development taking place in the UK and Europe.  Yes we have a number of SaaS applications but there aren’t any software development companies out there saying  “If you want SaaS application development, come to us”.  So as nobody else has bothered to go for it, we’ve decided we’re going to fill that position.  We want the name Atlas to be synonymous with that of SaaS application development.

Finally, we’re now Microsoft Silver partners.  This Microsoft level of accreditation was formerly known as certified which this week they have scrapped.  Because of this we have to wait until November to retrieve our shiny new logo for our website.  We’re now working towards gold partnership, only 65 partner points to go!!

Simon Swords


Managing Director

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