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DNN broke our Blog. AKA when open source goes bad!

Posted on: August 9th, 2007 by Simon Swords

Those of you a little bit more techie than the average joe may have noticed that we use Dot Net Nuke ( to content manage the site.

For those who don’t know what content managed websites are, they’re basically a type of website that allows you to log in to them and edit them “on the fly” without having to mess about editing the site off-line and upload the changes.  We can basically log in to the site whenever we want and edit the text right there and then…which is what I’m actually doing now!  Anyway, I digress…

The latest Blog release module from Dot Net Nuke came with a bug.  This bug broke our blog entry system preventing us from adding new entries, which is a real pain.  After trawling through the web for half an hour we eventually found a fix.  It seems that in the code for DNN somebody had inadvertently used an ê rather than an e; breaking everything!

This made me wonder, who actually checks this stuff before it’s released?  Sure somebody would say after the last code compile, let’s check to make sure we can still add blog entries.  No?

Anyway…all fixed, and we’re back.

Simon Swords


Managing Director

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