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Posted on: April 11th, 2009 by Simon Swords

We love a good website launch here at Atlas.  Especially when we’ve worked hard with the customer to take the idea from a few rough sketches on a notepad through to the finished article.  It is often the case that we find ourselves in partnership with our customers due to our extensive level of involvement, and this website is no exception.  What makes even more fascinating is that the original concept of providing an online portal to allow people to store details of their possessions has branched out now the site is launched and our customer is receiving interest from lots of other parties in various markets.

Under Your Roof screenshot

Under Your Roof screenshot

So what the heck is we hear you say!?  Essentinally it is service that allows people to subscribe and electronically register the contents of their homes so that in the event that something awful such as a fire or flood were to occur subscribers could then download a list of their contents to provide to their insurance company to process their claim quickly and easily.  A paid for version also allows subscribers to tag their items with photos and receipts, and quickly export their posession details to Excel or PDF.

Customers of love the piece of mind they get knowing that they have documented evidence of their posessions.  Insurance companies see the service as a way to reduce fraudulent claims and ensure the process of managing a claim is handled as smoothly as possible.  Even lettings agencies are getting in on the acti0n using the service to manage the inventory for their customers properties.

We had to keep in mind a number of considerations for subscribers during the design.  For example we knew that confidentiality would be a key issue so we ensured that we did not take any information from a subscriber that would allow somebody to identify the address of a registered list of poessessions.  Furthermore we ensured that the site content could be managed by our customer and for this we provided a custom content management system after ensuring that there were no off the shelf content management systems that could provide similar functionality with an easy to use interface. is now being marketed in the UK and we’re looking forward to implementing a number of fresh ideas that have been forwarded by users of the website since launch.  We’re already now seeing lots of interest from third parties who have seen the model and believe they can apply a similar technology to their own markets.  We’re very excited about the partnerships is looking to forge in the near future and wish the team the best of luck!

Simon Swords

Simon Swords


Managing Director

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