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We were recently provided with the official recording of the award ceremony for the event that honoured Simon Swords with “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007”.  So rather than keep this to ourselves... Read more »
In between working with Atlas, coming up with ideas for outside projects, working with Universities and colleges to get students interested in business, and attempting to have some life outside of work,... Read more »
We like blogs here at Atlas.  In fact, we love them.  So much so that most of us here are subscribed to at least twenty blogs that we read on a regular basis.  Blogs help us to stay on top of the latest... Read more »
We’re all geeks here at Atlas, and every now and then somebody will turn up with a new toy that we hadn’t seen before.  The latest gadget to arrive in the office was so good it was worthy... Read more »
The organisers of the Million Pound Raffle are out to raise money for Jersey Hospice and after the incredible success of the 2007 event they needed a website to allow the general public to pre-register... Read more »
Just a quick one to say that some of the Atlas team have been photographed and uploaded on the BBC website. Young Entrepreneurs It wasn’t so long ago that if you wanted to get to the top of the tree... Read more »
Those of you a little bit more techie than the average joe may have noticed that we use Dot Net Nuke ( to content manage the site.... Read more »

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