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I struggle to imagine large corporate websites such as eBay and MSN encountering any downtime at all, let alone enough downtime to measure it in hours.... Read more »
It has been nearly two months since we last posted on our blog and apologies to anybody who takes the time out to check for Atlas Blog updates.  We’ve been busy here at Atlas securing contracts... Read more »
I have spent most of this evening trying to get some new CSS skins to work on a new DotNetNuke installation (version 4.4.0).  After getting nowhere fast for about hour I decided it was best to hit the... Read more »
We undertake a lot of ASP.Net development, and all too often one of the most time consuming tasks can be moving the finalised web application to our client’s live server.  Fortunately Microsoft... Read more »
For all you programming techies out there service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005 has just been released. The following link goes to an overview page where you can select the download that you require:... Read more »
The Internet has completely reshaped customer relationships. The transformation began with the dot-com boom, which spawned a new type of company whose entire business model was predicated on Web acceptance... Read more »

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