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When Atlas first started out, .Net was in its infancy and so were most of the surrounding tools for running a software company. We only had Visual Source Safe for source control, who remembers not being... Read more »
ASP.Net Core 2.0 preview has just been released. This post is about ASP.Net Core 1.x If you have ever used any 3rd party packages like Hangfire or Elmah you will have seen a self-contained UI before. These... Read more »
I have been a developer now for over 15 years and in that time Visual Studio has undergone some tremendous changes. New features are constantly being added and sometimes little things that make your life... Read more »
Learn how to quickly and effectively improve the appearance and functionality of your fixed-width sidebar in Bootstrap with a few small tweaks!... Read more »
A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on my personal website outlining how to outsource software development to a third party company. I’ve decided to flesh that blog post out and create a more comprehensive... Read more »
Modern web applications now use huge amounts of Javascript. Javascript is often given a bad rep because of its lack of strong typing, namespaces and many other features that would help keep a large project... Read more »
We’re delighted to announce that we are both a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and Cyber Essentials Accredited. Why has Atlas done this? Let’s break it down and give you some background.... Read more »
We work hard to not be labelled as just another software company. We invest an enormous amount of time in research and development work – a huge amount of which never sees the light of day sadly... Read more »

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