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Test your Javascript skills with our fun Javascript test!

Posted on: August 9th, 2017 by Dean North

Javascript can be “fun” sometimes. We put together this “test” to highlight to new Javascript developers some of the weird things that Javascript can do when used in particular ways. This isn’t really a serious test, but it can be fun to take if you think you know a lot about Javascript to see if you can get 100%. Each question is a snippet of Javascript and all you need to do is select what the console output will be. You can copy paste the question into your chrome console and execute it to cheat if you like, but I would recommend that you give it a full run through yourself first. Happy testing!

Please select what will appear in the console for each question. If other, please specify.

You scored out of 16! Feel free to check out all the correct answers below.

Dean North

Dean founded Bespoke Software Development Company - Atlas Computer Systems Limited and is our technical consultant (aka technical wizard).

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