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The Internet and your business

Posted on: November 20th, 2006 by Simon Swords

The Internet has completely reshaped customer relationships. The transformation began with the dot-com boom, which spawned a new type of company whose entire business model was predicated on Web acceptance and usage. Soon, traditional “bricks and mortar” businesses realised that to survive, they too had to satisfy customer expectations using the Internet.

Raising Expectations

Businesses collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. Customers increasingly expect personalised experiences, creating a new challenge for small business.

All businesses now have the ability to take advantage of the Internet as a tool for building customer relationships in a cost effective manner.

As a software development company we provide online support logging, remote control our customer’s computers when they require assistance, and utilise online call scheduling, tracking, billing and accounting.

In another example, legal firms now provide online services for their clients, empowering them with the ability to download correspondence, speak directly to their solicitor, and keep up to date on matter progress. This electronic approach to customer care increases firm’s productivity and keeps customers coming back.

Providing customers with a unique and personalised online experience with quick and easy online access to the right products, services and information, is now the rule, not the exception.

Empower Your Customers

The Internet has raised the bar on consumer expectations. Companies who understand this will succeed, and in turn, provide a Web experience that meets the unique preferences of each of their customers.

Simon Swords

Atlas Computer Systems / FSB I.T. Committee

Simon Swords


Managing Director

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