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Gathering software requirements is a tricky yet essential part of any software development process. In a nutshell the process involves speaking with the end users and others with a vested interested in... Read more »
There are very few facets of life left that do not rely on software in some form or another. Buying groceries through a website, using custom built software at work and even talking to loved ones across... Read more »
For many people the task of checking email can be a daunting one. This is mainly because many of us usually have a large number of unread messages seemingly mocking us to be read!... Read more »
ELMAH is an incredibly neat web development tool that attaches quickly and easily to any .Net website without needing to recompile the source and gives an incredibly useful overview of all unhandled exceptions... Read more »
We’ve all been there, working on the same project for long periods of time can dramatically decrease motivation levels. If you’re looking for a way to pump motivation back into your staff we... Read more »
We’ve been searching tirelessly for a new software application to use internally which will help us to perform what we think are quite basic but very essential business management tasks. We held a meeting... Read more »
We like blogs here at Atlas.  In fact, we love them.  So much so that most of us here are subscribed to at least twenty blogs that we read on a regular basis.  Blogs help us to stay on top of the latest... Read more »
Those of you a little bit more techie than the average joe may have noticed that we use Dot Net Nuke ( to content manage the site.... Read more »
I have spent most of this evening trying to get some new CSS skins to work on a new DotNetNuke installation (version 4.4.0).  After getting nowhere fast for about hour I decided it was best to hit the... Read more »

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