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  A brand-new, fully immersive interface, promised to us way back in the 80s, has finally arrived. Flat screens are on the way out, virtual environments are coming in, and it’s going to change the... Read more »
A Decade at Atlas! This year marks a very special milestone for Atlas and one of our employees. Steve joined Atlas as our very first apprentice at the ripe old age of eighteen, in November 2007. Very quickly... Read more »
You will do well to have not heard of bitcoin these days. But just in case you have been lost at sea or living under a rock for the last 10 years, here is a quick summary. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a... Read more »
Here at Atlas we work closely with the local community through our education and training work with apprentices and degree placement students, but we also work with local charities like Young Minds, so... Read more »
That’s one of the great things about Movember, a month-long charity event which raises funds and awareness for men’s health issues, without participants having to do anything more than engage... Read more »
Before we tell you about all the amazing things that are taking place here at Atlas let me first say that we’re hiring.  If you are a .Net ninja and SQL show off, get in touch. So we’ve been... Read more »
We’ve all been there, working on the same project for long periods of time can dramatically decrease motivation levels. If you’re looking for a way to pump motivation back into your staff we... Read more »
I’ll be guest speaker giving a talk to the boys and girls whom I hope will be keeping me on my toes in years to come at the Celebrating Success event held on the 30th June and 1st July at South East... Read more » It’s a live feed from Twitter dressed up with a pretty interface.  You select an option on the side and it filters the Twitters you get to see. For example, select hate and... Read more »
A big THANK YOU to Rochford council for their reference to Atlas in light of the presentation Simon gave last Thursday. Details here: Read more »

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