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FlexBox is a new CSS layout engine that has been around for years. Today there is good browser support. All modern browsers support FlexBox and even IE11 supports it (with a couple of bugs). Checkout all... Read more »
Bespoke software developed and built specifically for your business needs can increase staff productivity, boost sales, save time and money, and help you make smarter business decisions. But getting your... Read more »
There are times when you might want to put a link on your desktop to a web app which loads it like a native app would appear, with a place on the dock/taskbar and the ability to Alt/Control + Tab. This... Read more »
Here at Atlas we know how hard it is when trying to hire a software development company for a new software project, whether you are a start-up needing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) or an established... Read more »
Atlas Founder Simon Swords’ article on ‘How to find a software development company for your next startup’, has been featured on the BusinessZone website today. “A few years ago... Read more »
  What do team communication issues mean for your startup? Over communication, under communication and everything in between influence productivity which eventually influences revenue. According to... Read more »
A special capital grant is currently available to SME’s in Essex, offering up to £20,000 of the cost of creating bespoke software to help you grow your business. The grant of up to 20% of £100,000... Read more »
When Atlas first started out, .Net was in its infancy and so were most of the surrounding tools for running a software company. We only had Visual Source Safe for source control, who remembers not being... Read more »
A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post on my personal website outlining how to outsource software development to a third party company. I’ve decided to flesh that blog post out and create a more comprehensive... Read more »

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