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When it comes to web browsers, most people choose one based on its speed and ease of use. Google Chrome has been the one which people have swayed towards over the past decade. With that in mind, here are... Read more »
You will do well to have not heard of bitcoin these days. But just in case you have been lost at sea or living under a rock for the last 10 years, here is a quick summary. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a... Read more »
We’re delighted to announce that we are both a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and Cyber Essentials Accredited. Why has Atlas done this? Let’s break it down and give you some background.... Read more »
If you’ve worked with a web team for long enough you’ll have heard the panic that ensues when a client’s website has gone down for seemingly no good reason. The client is on the phone... Read more »
This project is hosted on github and has a pre release NuGet package. To understand instantly what AsyncSections are all about, check out the comparison demo. What problem does AsyncSections solve? Some... Read more »
Cut to the end of this blog post if you just wish to view some software developer environment photo porn. Growing a company organically, as is the case with Atlas, left little room for mod-cons and nice-to-haves. ... Read more »
Last month we blogged about the battle to drop IE6, now it seems Microsoft wants people to drop IE6 too even though their announcement to support IE6 until 2014 seems to contradict their statement. Microsoft’s... Read more »
HTML 5 is due for release within the next few years and slowly but surely new features are creeping into our browsers. This post will give you an insight into 5 of these features and provide you with an... Read more »
IE8 Beta is FINALLY out of Beta.  We’re friends with a developer on the Microsoft IE8 team and to say that he has been under pressure the last few months would be an understatement.  There have... Read more »
Microsoft are offering a whopping 25Gb of lovely web space completely free of charge to anybody with a Windows Live user ID. You simply log in and start uploading any files you desire. As with anything... Read more »

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