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Software project failure has become the IT industry norm, so it's time to start addressing some of the key reasons projects fail and make the succeed!... Read more »
Our SW team have picked their favourite .NET and related books so that you can expand your knowledge and become a better C# .NET software developer!... Read more »
Atlas Barcode is a web-based inventory management system that allows you to easily manage and track your stock across unlimited locations!... Read more »
When looking for new software, businesses can buy an off-the-shelf package or have a bespoke solution built. We look at the pros & cons of each.... Read more »
  Of course, a knowledge of programming languages and how to apply them to software is key to landing yourself a job offer, but if you aspire to be a truly outstanding software developer, you are... Read more »
  Choosing the right software development company to build your new product is essential to the success of your project. Much like when contracting a team of builders to renovate your home, it is... Read more »
  Clutch is a business-to-business (B2B) research, ratings and reviews firm that connects small and mid-market businesses with the best software development companies. They consider verified feedback... Read more »
It’s very easy to dream up a business idea, anyone can do it, the real challenge for a start-up (or startup if you prefer the American spelling) is in the execution of that business idea. To quote entrepreneur... Read more »
Software testing isn’t the most ‘fun’ part of a software project, but arguably it’s the most important. Software testing is usually tacked on to the end of a software project, but it really needs... Read more »
Software requirements changing or being added to are almost an inevitable fact of software development, so like the old adage, “failing to plan for them is to plan to fail.” Before we get into the... Read more »

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