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Inventory Management System With Barcode Scanner

Atlas worked with Sigma Aldrich to create an innovative solution to their inventory management problems

Atlas worked with Sigma-Aldrich to create an innovative solution to their inventory management problems.

Customer benefits

  • Automation – Many manual tasks like the filing of orders have now been automated saving time and money across the business.
  • Control – The new global system allows customers to manage their own stock, stock levels and stock room with ease.
  • Efficient – Web-based and instantly available, no longer do staff and customers have to rely on outdated paper catalogues.
  • Modern – Built on Android using modern technologies and device-agnostic allowing the system to grow as the business grows.
  • Reporting – Information on the stock is instantly available, which lets stock levels be finely tuned to reduce waste and ‘deadstock’.

The customer

Atlas worked with one of the world’s leading science and biotechnology companies Sigma Aldrich in order to create a modern and innovative solution to their inventory management problems.

The problem

The popularity of this new arrangement saw our customer experience explosive growth. However, off-site inventory arrangement wasn’t without technical difficulties and a fresh set of eyes and systems were required to allow our customer to reduce technical debt and cater for additional growth going forward.

Commoditised hardware

Atlas carried out an audit of the existing systems and found that the technology and hardware in place were proprietary. As a result, the upkeep of this hardware was becoming difficult as spares or replacements were difficult to find.

Not only that, the existing hardware was unable to make use of modern technologies for the exchange of data.

Atlas recommended that Android-based hardware be used as a direct replacement for the proprietary scanning and vending machine technology. This allowed our customer to use a wide range of hardware from a range of vendors as they saw fit. Moreover, the Android platform provided an extensible and robust platform to create a new inventory management system for the future.

Proof of concept

To show the technology in action Atlas used the Atlas Framework to create an Android-based solution that scanned a range of items and generated reporting via a .Net web application. Our customer was delighted and work commenced building a web-based inventory management solution that would go on to replace the entire system currently used.

Integration with SAP

After a year of work, the new inventory system was rolled out to the majority of end customers sites and was a complete success. It was now time to automate the filing of orders to the customers ERP system which used SAP. As we had used standard web services to create the web application it was a simple case of hooking into the SAP API to place orders as the inventory was depleted in various end customers sites.

A lasting partnership

The solution provided to our customer was originally only intended for use in the UK. However, the overwhelming popularity of the system caught the attention of the customer’s USA based headquarters. Atlas was asked to partner with their global development team to collaborate in the further development, support and maintenance of the system.

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Technology stack

  • Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 and Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Entity Framework
  • The Atlas Framework
  • jQuery
  • Knockout
  • RestSharp

The Atlas difference

Atlas are expert software developers who can help you with new Inventory Management Software and new Barcode Inventory System, as we did for Sigma-Aldrich, to enable you to have more control of the inventory in your warehouse and to empower your warehouse floor staff to be more accurate and efficient when picking and packing stock.

How Atlas can help you

If you’re interested in finding out how Atlas could help you with new Inventory Management Software or you need advice on a new Barcode Scanner Software, call us now on +44 800 133 7948 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation on how we can help you.

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