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Cloud Based CRM and Billing System

Atlas worked with the PM Group to migrate their existing CRM to an online system customised to their unique requirements

Atlas worked with a leading pharmaceutical news corporation to migrate their existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to an online system custom tailored for their unique requirements.

Customer benefits


  • One System – One web-based cloud-system to replace multiple legacy systems to allow for growth and to offer more resilience.
  • Control – The system offers better management of adverts and subscriptions, saving time and money across the business.
  • Easy to Use – The new single system is easier to use with its web-based interface for all staff.
  • Automation – Many manual tasks have now been automated for greater efficiency and time saving across the business.
  • Reporting – Powerful reporting functions have been added to increase efficiency through instant availability of critical business data.
  • Integration – The system has been integrated with the QuickBooks API to seamlessly add billing to the CRM.

Legacy CRM System Migration

Our client’s existing CRM system was based upon several legacy in-house systems including Microsoft Access and Filemaker. To provide a higher level of resilience and a more extensible platform the client opted to move to a cloud-based system built using the Atlas Framework.

Team Structure & Management / Migration Plan

Atlas first worked with the customer in order to stabilise their existing CRM, which was struggling to handle capacity as the company grew.

With the existing system documented, underpinned and the data backed up, we performed a module by module analysis of the existing system to provide a migration plan which would see all existing data persisted into the new system.

Atlas managed the project management and delivery of the project, liaising with key customer stakeholders on a range of issues including requirements gathering, implementation, software testing, deployment, support and security.

Web-based CRM & Billing System Development

Atlas scoped, developed and performed quality assurance on a bespoke web-based CRM system to replace the existing systems. The requirements were gathered by our business analysts and developers, who worked in partnership with various departments to identify, document and sign off requirements.

Development was agile, which provided the customer with an opportunity to tweak and shape the system as it was brought to life.

Data Migration & Enhancements

The CRM also incorporated billing, and so it was business critical that the integrity of the data was migrated quickly and accurately.

Intelligent scripts and processes were created to allow data to be migrated in as close to real time as possible to reduce downtime for the legacy software migration to the new system.

Following the successful decommissioning of the old CRM, Atlas continued to enhance the new system providing more business value in the form of automated workflows, powerful reporting and third party integration with the website Case Management System (CMS).

Optimising Business Processes & New Functionality

At the culmination of seven months of work from the Atlas team, the project was released to production.

Atlas continues to work with PM Group to support and extend its scope to provide new functionality and further optimise existing business processes.

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Webforms and Microsoft SQL 2012
  • jQuery
  • Quartz.NET
  • Integration with QuickBooks

The Atlas Difference

Atlas are expert software developers who can help you with new cloud-based CRM and Billing software based upon the design and function of your original system, like we did for the PM Group, to enable you to have a single web-based system instead of multiple legacy systems and an easier to use system that makes new staff training quick and easy.

How Atlas Can Help You

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