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Enterprise Resource Planning System

Atlas Worked with Leading UK Steel Stockholder and Supplier to Revolutionise their ERP System

Atlas worked with the Hayley Group to create an inventory management system incorporating elements of their existing system.

Customer Benefits


    • One Consolidated System – Three versions of the previous database and application were consolidated into one unified system to allow all data to be stored and reported on from a single source of the truth.
    • Fully Automated – Manual and time-consuming tasks have been automated, fostering greater efficiency, reducing errors, and saving time across the business.
    • Powerful Reporting – Dynamic reporting dashboards provide real-time business-critical data.
    • Easy to Use – Engaging with end-users early on in the design phase, and a phased rollout made it easier for staff to get to grips with the new system.
    • Integrated – Integration with Sage and other business-critical applications ensures a seamless flow of information.

The Customer

A market leader for groundwork supply in the UK, our customer provides a full range of reinforcing accessories, domestic and civil drainage and are the largest supplier of ground heave materials. Established in 1978, the company has moved from strength to strength and continue to grow year on year.

Their Requirements

We designed the new system’s architecture to be extensible to accommodate new and changing data requirements. Administrators of the system can customise the data it holds and the way the data is presented to each group of users.

This powerful customisation provides the customer with ultimate control of their new system, and less reliance on Atlas for ongoing development.

Compliance and traceability

Our customer previously used an existing system written in an outdated programming language which had been in place for over ten years. The system was used across three offices, each of which had their own version with separate databases.  Our customer had outgrown the system and was struggling with manual workarounds and suffered from sufficient management information reporting.

Our Solution

Atlas took the existing application and improved on the functionality already provided, bringing the system up to date to use the latest technologies and, ultimately, creating a more stable and scalable solution. As part of this process, the three existing applications were consolidated into one single application used across three offices. This unification reduced the ongoing total cost of ownership by simplifying the support and maintenance of the solution.

With a solid foundation in place, various workflows that were manual were automated to reduce time spent on physical entry and eliminate human error.  A unique and robust schedule reader that the customer could upload a PDF of information to, over a range of different templates, was provided. The schedule reader read the data in a PDF and populated the data for users – saving hundreds of man hours every month.

Department by department, the rest of the system was re-written, starting with the Sales department, production and finally purchase orders and administration.  As each area was migrated to the new solution, workflows were streamlined and automated.


Intelligent automation was introduced across all areas of the new system, removing the need to duplicate workloads and reducing the risk of human error. This meant that our customer was no longer tied down by time-consuming tasks that prevented them from other, more pressing responsibilities, allowing them to focus on the growth of their business.

Streamlined Workflow

Atlas designed a brand new production module allowing our customer to manage their new orders, including when they are processed, which machinery would be required and which site the work would be carried out at. We were able to work from the ground up to optimise the workflow, making it as fast and easy to use as it could possibly be and reducing human error and improving manufacturing output.

Detailed Haulage Information

The new system was designed to plan precise delivery routes using Google Maps which gave our customer the ability to calculate exact delivery prices for each order, allowing them to invoice customers more accurately and reduce the time deliveries take to get to customers.

Integration with Sage

Atlas implemented a two-way integration with Sage, ensuring customer data and product updates that were entered to either system would be automatically pulled through to the other. This allowed our customer to seamlessly manage their accounts, ensuring that they were always up-to-date and that orders and quotations were processed accurately.  Customer accounts that were on hold would no longer be able to place orders until their account was brought up to date.

Powerful Reporting

A new reports section provides the ability to track statistics and other business-critical data such as order conversion history and customer spend.  This information assists our customers understanding of exactly which areas of the business are performing optimally and where improvements can be made.

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft AspNetCore MVC on .Net 4.5.1 and Microsoft SQL 2014
  • Entity Framework
  • jQuery
  • Knockout
  • MomentJS
  • Hangfire

The Atlas Difference

Atlas are expert software developers who can help you with your new Enterprise Resource Planning system, to provide greater stability to your data processing and allow for time and cost savings throughout your business.

How Atlas Can Help You

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