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Fund Data Management System

Atlas worked with Investec Asset Management to develop a bespoke platform to consolidate and report on their wealth of fund data

Atlas worked with a specialist bank and asset management company to develop a bespoke platform to consolidate and report on the wealth of fund data held across departments for better visibility, reporting and sharing.

Customer Benefits

  • Control – A single repository of all your mutual fund data in one easy to use web-based app.
  • Powerful – Unlimited customisation, unlimited data fields and built in comprehensive auditing.
  • Shareable – Unlimited reporting and financial industry third party integration with Bloomberg, Lipper, Morningstar, FundsLibrary and more.
  • Accuracy – With all data fields user-configurable, data entry errors are reduced.
  • Auditing – Complete history and audit trail compliant with all legal regulations.
  • Automation – Time consuming manual tasks like reporting have now been fully automated.
  • Easy to Use – The web-based app is intuitive and easy to use, reducing the learning curve.
  • Time Saving – Run reports on demand or schedule them, data is now quickly accessible.

Defining requirements and consolidating data

Our customer had been storing their fund data using a number of spreadsheets that varied from one department to another.

No single source of the truth was available, and each department took responsibility for just their own data.

Using the Atlas Framework we quickly prototyped an application to consolidate multiple spreadsheets in to one relational database.

Spreadsheets were automatically imported and the data cleansed to ensure that ongoing data irregularities were resolved.


Dynamic and extensible

We designed the new system’s architecture to be extensible to accommodate new and changing data requirements. Administrators of the system can customise the data it holds and the way the data is presented to each group of users.

This powerful customisation provides the customer with ultimate control of their new system, and less reliance on Atlas for ongoing development.

Compliance and traceability

An easy to use yet robust customisable workflow ensures that changes to data are performed to meet all necessary compliancy standards. A full searchable audit trail for each field provides full traceability and accountability.

Customisable email notifications allow users to keep abreast of changes to just the data they’re interested in.

Powerful reporting and integration

Using the Atlas Framework allowed us to provide powerful reporting straight out of the box. Upon consolidating all of the data in to the new system our customer’s reporting, workflow and email notification needs were met immediately.

The system automatically shares time sensitive information with various third party stakeholders via web services.


Atlas securely hosts the finished system, using Windows and IIS – providing a scalable and reliable foundation for growth as the system has gained popularity amongst more and more users.

The system integrates with the customer’s existing authentication management system (Active Directory) to avoid duplicating user logins.

Powerful user permissions and groups allow administrators to precisely define who have access to specific data in Fundipedia.

Technology stack

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