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Online SMS Appointment Reminder Platform

Atlas worked with new technology startup Text Back Appointments to bring their idea and vision to life

New startup Text Back Appointments spotted an opportunity in the appointment reminder market and worked with Atlas to take advantage of it.

Customer benefits

  • Easy to Use – The system has been designed from a user centric perspective to be easy to use even for non-technical users.
  • Recognisable – Uses a standard calendar interface to aid in ease of use for users, so no learning curve.
  • Responsive – Works across any internet device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones seamlessly.
  • Scale – The system was built with the future in mind, so that it can be easily scaled as the business grows.
  • Support – Flexible, ongoing support, which allows the Managing Director to grow the business without worrying about the website.

Experience first, technology second

Sonny and his team initially worked with Atlas to bring their idea to life. Given the non-technical nature of the customers the user experience had to be flawless. Atlas helped to wireframe screens and define workflows.

To aid with ease of use Atlas designed a calendar interface that would be instantly recognizable by a typical office administrator. We also ensured that the new platform would work on mobile, desktops and tablets.



The core of the new platform would be the ability to reliably send text messages at scale.

Atlas worked with Sonny to locate a suitable partner for such a requirement, and undertook the technical work to integrate the new platform with them.

Flexible support

Following the successful launch of the new website Sonny and his team understood that responding quickly to customer feedback by evolving the new platform would be essential to its success.

Atlas provided a flexible support and development arrangement that allows Text Back Appointments to call on the team in a way that allowed them to adopt a pace of development which ensured that customers feedback could be processed quickly and efficiently.

Technology stack

  • Microsoft C# 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • TextLocal integration
  • The Atlas Framework

The Atlas difference

Atlas are expert software developers who can help you build your startup, like we did for Text Back Appointments. We can bring your idea to life and can help you to wire-frame screens and define workflows of your startup idea, as well as design and build a great user experience for your customers.

How Atlas can help you

If you’re interested in finding out how Atlas could help your startup with bespoke software development or you are looking to have a wire-frame created of new software you need, call us now on +44 (0)800 033 7569 for a free no-obligation consultation on how we can help you.

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