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Power BI

The Power BI service, at its core, offers an easy and intuitive way for users of all experience levels to analyse and report on data. This data can be pulled from a multitude of resources and can be queried using various methods.

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    What Power BI Can Do For You

    The desktop version of Power BI is aimed towards the business analysts who will be querying and structuring your company’s data. Gathering data and creating reports has been streamlined to allow for the best use of their time. Analysts are able to use the powerful inbuilt query system to prepare the imported data, which can then be shaped and transformed to meet your business needs. For example, users can choose specific tables and fields to include in queries, apply a required calculation and view the results as a table or in a visualisation. Power BI captures each transformation made in ‘Query view’, e.g. row removal, data type change, change to a table name etc., as an ‘Applied Step’ so it’s easy to see exactly what has been done to the data. These can then be removed, re-arranged and edited as needed

    One of the great things about Power BI is that it can be used by everyone, from the IT professional with years of experience to qualified business analysts or the office junior who inputs the raw data.Here, we’ve listed just a few of the main benefits of Power BI.

    • Connect to informative data quickly & with ease
    • Monitor statistics in real-time, in one place
    • Explore data to find immediate answers to your questions
    • Visualise data in bespoke dashboards
    • Easily share your reports with other members of your company
    • Spend less time maintaining infrastructure

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    The UI is powerful yet simple and can be used by even the most inexperienced users. The advanced features mean that analysts can gain as much detailed information as needed and help end users succeed in making decisions that are based on figures and statistics. Try it free now by completing the form below.


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