The Atlas framework

Writing the same code over and over again is unproductive and inefficient. The Atlas Framework is a set of powerful reusable modules of code that allow us to deliver a wide range of functionality quickly without sacrificing quality.


We’ve implemented the Atlas framework across a range of web applications including fund data management systems, cloud based CRMs and many more. We also use the Atlas Framework on our own products such as our HR software Staff Squared and Fundipedia.

If you’re interested in a demonstration of what the Atlas Framework can add to your next web application, drop us a line and we’ll provide you with a demonstration either online or in the comfort of your offices.

The Atlas Framework offers a set of customisable features including:

  • Automatic e-mail notifications – for notifying when things happen in your application
  • Powerful easy to use document mail merge – just like Microsoft Word you can automatically populate documents from templates you create
  • Scheduling – allows you to tell your application to perform tasks at specific intervals
  • A powerful query engine – lets you slice and dice your data however you see fit. If that’s not enough you can export to a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • User management – manage your users, add them to groups and assign permissions to those groups
  • Powerful auditing – automatic auditing keeps track of your important business data

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