API Development and Integration

Our API development and integration service helps you connect third-party apps with your software applications

API Development and Integration

Creating quality software requires a lot of skills from a lot of different people. Coding specialists will enthral with their ability to create elegantly constructed sequences seemingly woven from thin air, with impeccable forces of logic, and regular doses of caffeine. Designers manage to turn what could be cold and confusing interfaces for users into intuitive journeys that captivate and delight people who don’t have computing expertise but just want to get a certain job done. And holding it all together are people with specialist know-how in the creation of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

In effect, APIs are the way that software communicates with other software. And just as in any verbal conversation you can use shorthand and slang to indicate areas where special attention needs to be paid, so too can the use of APIs speed up the interaction between different parts of your software application. You can point to stored videos without having to play through them, refer to archives without needing to know what the stored documents are called or when they were created, and so forth. In essence, it’s the skill of hiding things so they don’t get in the way.

APIs define the means of communication between different facets of a complex piece of software, highlighting key areas while effectively hiding others, and making it straightforward to link those visible pieces. That also means a software developer need not understand all of the aspects of the software they’re working with to achieve results – they’d be aware that a given function will copy information, for instance, without needing access to the code which performs that task.

APIs as products

Over time what has gradually happened is that particular ways of configuring APIs have been recognised as very effective. And that has contributed to them becoming products in their own right – you can buy an API that does a job you need doing since it saves having to develop one from scratch.

In the last few years we have come up with some helpful and well-regarded APIs, and we are making those available and developing others in line with requests that we get. In effect, a good API is a piece of software that makes life easier for developers – and it turns out, software developers really like it that people like us are here to help make their life easier.

Our promise to you

We want to offer software developers quality APIs, and to define our intentions and ways of working we looked back at the most successful ones that we had developed on an ad hoc basis. Reviewing their histories, we came up with the following set of principles for creating future APIs:

  • Make sure that what we’re offering is wanted by the market (both developers and users) and will offer advantages over anything that already exists out there.
  • Do thorough testing to ensure that we have rigorous case studies for the APIs that we make available to the market.
  • Document our development journey so that there’s a clear path for users to refer to in the event they need to make adjustments to our APIs.
  • For ease of development and user experience, make use of established solutions in creating new ones – utilise lessons learned from history.

The web at this point is utterly reliant on APIs, allowing applications and services to use functions such as online maps. They’re also laced into social networking sites, and the applications you’ll come across on them, for instance, to donate money to a good cause using PayPal. Basically, if APIs are not part of how you’re thinking about the software applications you’re developing, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some business potential.

A good API is an incredible asset in developing seamlessly integrated software applications in any context. Get the design right, and you’ve created a tool that supports the speed and flexibility of the whole system. Think of Olympic athletes – a victory is less likely to come from a whole new approach than it is as the result of many small tweaks to elements of someone’s strategies. A change of angle here, a touch extra energy there, and the cumulative effect is what creates a winning performance. Having helped a few winners past the finish line, we’re more than happy to support your own API efforts.

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