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Barcode Scanner Software

The bigger your business gets, the more of everything there is to keep track of. Did you realise how much stuff you’d end up with thanks to being a success in your industry?

To begin with there are your own assets – everything from niche-specific specialist equipment to coffee machines and vacuum cleaners that make it possible for you to do what it is you do. And then, for many organisations at least, there’s what you produce for customers – all of which needs to be kept somewhere, safely and securely, and made available to those who want to buy your products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Staying on top of the huge amount of physical goods and related data involved is a major task in its own right. It’s one that has been made easier in recent years with the advent of the barcode, and the range of devices that can scan them, all of which benefit from smart coding.

If you are responsible for warehousing or otherwise involved in large scale inventory management, then your ability to track, trace, and report on inventory is key to your effectiveness. The same applies whether you’re involved in selling products and getting them to buyers, or you need to stay on top of assets used in what you do professionally. Barcodes are a tried-and-tested means of ensuring the speed and accuracy of your stock picking and checking – and the software powering your barcode scanner application makes all the difference to its performance.

We will devise bespoke barcode scanner software with your very particular business needs in mind. Based on longtime experience developing systems for a range of customers across different industries, it’s likely you will want to take advantage of at least some of this list of common features:

  • Cycle counts and audits keep you updated about what you’ve got, and where you’ve got it.
  • Report presets to update suppliers with stock data.
  • Stock tracking by multiple categories – location, site, serial number, date, lot, or pallet.
  • Alerts to flag-up critical situations such as low stock levels, items that are expired or past due-by date.
  • Automated check in/out of assets to be sure nothing is misplaced.
  • Supplier codes with pertinent information for ease of vendor management.

With regard to barcodes, in particular, there are a range of options you’ll need to think about that we have various solutions for:

  • Labeling software gives you the option of designing your own labels, or using an extensive range of label templates.
  • Options for designing and printing different types of label – for shipping, warehouse, retail, manufacturing, or custom uses (e.g. for special environments like pharmaceutical).
  • Create barcodes using Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Excel.
  • Coding that improves the speed of Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions.

Case study

Sigma-Aldrich is a company known for leading the way in science and biotechnology, but that hard-won status was jeopardised by the implications of an inventory management system audit. That check, conducted at a point when off-site technical difficulties with asset management were becoming apparent, was a well-timed reminder that the technology and hardware the company had in place was proprietary. Spares and replacements were hard to come by, and some of that technology was ill-suited to contemporary means of data transfer. All in all, a bad situation to be in, which compromised the business’s ambitions for expansion and growth and could have led to reputation problems because of being tied into someone else’s product line past the point where that connection was of benefit.

Our solution? We updated the outmoded proprietary system with an Android-based one and used that new platform as the basis of a fresh approach to their inventory management software. That’s worked really well for them, and the adoption of Android doesn’t tie them to anyone – us included – as well as giving them access to a whole new range of hardware choices.

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We have worked closely with a range of industries and truly understand that no two customers or businesses are exactly alike. This is why we tailor our services and technology to our customers specific business needs.

Our varied and extensive industry knowledge ensures that our software development team are perfectly placed to understand and deliver value to your business quickly and efficiently.



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