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Bespoke Business Applications

Bespoke Business Apps – We’re experts at using technology to build web, mobile or desktop apps to solve your business software problems

When it comes to developing bespoke business applications and operational software you’ll find us well within our comfort zone. We’re best at cultivating solutions and systems to operational or process problems that plague many modern businesses.

The advice we provide is completely free of charge and comes with no obligation to use our services. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll gladly offer impartial, professional and most importantly useful guidance specific to your needs.

In the last few years we’ve created a new back-office system for the housing and homelessness charity Shelter, a new customer relationship management (CRM) and billing system for the PM Group and a hospital pathway information sharing platform for Hospital to Home that saves the National Health Service (NHS) over £4m a year.

We understand businesses

We have specific expertise in business software solutions, having been involved in bespoke software development to create our own software products. Our primary objective is to solve your business problems by creating clever software applications that you can’t do without, and we can do that with London expertise at Essex prices.

The nature of your business software problem will determine the nature of your particular app.

Here are some examples of business apps we have built for delighted customers:

It’s your software, you own it

There are horror stories about companies being told that the Intellectual Property (IP) of the business app that they’ve commissioned doesn’t belong to them.

That’s the last thing you need, and from day one we’re devoted to software development that belongs to you and you alone, and where your own software development team will have the ability to do updates and maintenance.

We’re here to support you when you ask for that support, but with a business app that’s got your name on it, we understand we’re the supporting cast and don’t get star billing.

Case study – Investec Asset Management

We put together a platform for Investec – a specialist bank and asset management company – which allows them to consolidate and pull data from a range of departments, creating a more transparent and flexible reporting system.

Previously each department had its own Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based systems, which effectively meant there wasn’t a system.

We took all of that data and put it into one relational database, resolving any inconsistencies as we went. Now, the customer has a super-flexible system that allows information to be presented in a myriad of ways according to context, and which allows new knowledge to be incorporated with ease. That’s a real asset to them and their clients and makes them less reliant on us.

The nature of the information held required a discrete confidential approach, while it’s also important to update clients at specific intervals. That’s exactly what we delivered – a fully searchable audit trail for each class of data ensures transparency and accountability, and the system uses web services to share time-sensitive facts with third-party stakeholders.

Security is always a major concern with business software, and security mechanisms are layered into the system from the login screen to the databases. The software solution was integrated into using the company’s existing authentication management strategy and this allowed administrators to have the same precise control over user permissions and logins.

The end result? Flexibility a yoga teacher would be proud of, within a rock-solid system that adds value both for the customer and their clients, increasing intelligence within the system and providing focused points of contact leading to more business and consequently more profits.

We’ve been using Fundipedia at Investec for over seven years to store, organise and share static fund data both internally and with key third parties. It has become an integral part of our systems infrastructure. It is popular with users due to its straightforward, well-designed functionality.
Shelley Mussett – Business Analyst, Investec Asset Management

Case study – Inform Direct

The challenge: to keep company secretarial records up to date for compliance purposes, Inform Direct relies on a system provided by Companies House. But the information from them doesn’t account for situations such as individuals holding multiple roles, or holdings within an organisation.

We set out to make those distinctions possible to increase Inform Direct’s efficiency on behalf of clients and started with a prototype. The issue was how to take data from Companies House and utilise it in new ways – automatically. We took their spreadsheet data, devised sophisticated algorithms to drill down for key data, and presented the information in a dynamic and easy to read interface.

The system created also allows users to simply generate a variety of documents in different formats such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF according to their needs. A straightforward front-end masks a complex system that performs highly involved tasks of data sourcing, juggling, and formatting to make life easier for Inform Direct’s clients.

Atlas have been our development partner since day one. They are organised, professional and add a huge amount of value not just in the development of our platform but across all matters related to the technical implementation of our business. It continues to be a pleasure to work closely with the Atlas team as our business grows. We would certainly recommend them to anybody else looking for software development services.
Henry Catchpole – Managing Director, Inform Direct

Working with us

It’s possible you already have ideas for a bespoke business app that would be useful both as a business tool and a marketing asset. Let’s talk about that. Or if you’re unclear about a specific direction but appreciate the concept, let’s have that conversation instead. Either way, fill in the ‘Request a Callback’ form below or call us on +44 (0)800 133 7948 for a free no-obligation consultation.

Our work

Two of our recent software projects, see Our Work for more Case Studies.

Industries & Customers

We have worked closely with a range of industries and truly understand that no two customers or businesses are exactly alike. This is why we tailor our services and technology to our customers specific business needs.

Our varied and extensive industry knowledge ensures that our software development team are perfectly placed to understand and deliver value to your business quickly and efficiently.



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