Bespoke CRM Development

Achieve your customer engagement objectives with a customised and scalable CRM system that doesn’t require licenses for each new user

Bespoke CRM Development

Core elements of effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be systemised, centralised, and embedded into the heart of your business’s operations. That’s the evocative promise of CRM, and bespoke CRM development is an integral part of our offering, a disciplined way of helping to ensure the longevity of engagement with customers while also increasing efficiency, making savings, and presenting business opportunities.

Why CRM?

Businesses have a tendency to spread their customer information across a variety of platforms. There’s customer information scattered in spreadsheets, more detailed in databases, plus valuable insights to be gleaned from emails, not to mention back-of-envelope jottings tucked into notebooks and the considerable range of informal know how that team members carry in their heads and haven’t captured in text form. Pulling such a considerable range of customer information into one central location allows for that treasure trove of data to be accessed as and when necessary, and makes the considered analysis of the facts at your disposal, very much easier.

Whatever the size and structure of your company, having the full range and scope of that customer data in one place makes business sense. And if you have dedicated Sales and Marketing teams then there are all kinds of opportunities to join previously unconnected dots and capitalise on the knowledge you have and use it to spot opportunities for rationalisation, enhance service levels, and boost profits:

  • Create tailored customer experiences based on insights, and determine the ROI from marketing activities.
  • X-ray insights into potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Realtime sales pipeline tracking.
  • Key customer data is available for reference prior to points of customer contact.
  • Direct integration with social media platforms.

The Bespoke Advantage

As you’ll have probably noticed, the thing with off-the-shelf suits is – more often than not – they don’t fit very well. In designing for a mythical average customer, they fail to meet the needs of given individuals. Our bespoke CRM systems are specific to your business, your customers and your requirements. We create a seamless and intuitive solution for your team, and that frictionless interaction makes it simplicity itself for your team to update the CRM with fresh customer data from ongoing contacts.

The same core living archive exists at the very centre of the CRM, but each department can have their own interface with it according to the nature of their needs and preferences. New computers and users can be added simply – with permission levels as requested – and you won’t have to pay licensing fees for that expansion: this is your system, not something you’ve borrowed.

Fluid interaction with all your preferred software is built-in, and the difference in performance can be a revelation. That can include email platforms, accounting systems, marketing software…we make it all integrate, and accessible to users whether they’re in the office on a desktop machine, or out on the road using a mobile phone. It all connects – around the clock, across the year, whatever device you’re using, and can easily segue into mobile and web applications for you and maybe for your customers too.

As well as being able to input or pull out customer data relevant to individual users, in addition, the CRM allows for a bigger view across all departments and your business as a whole. That range of perspective will allow you to trial new initiatives based on segmented customer data, targeted at customers you might never have previously grouped together without the analytical advantage you now have.

Creating Your System

Given the scope of what a bespoke CRM entails, it’s a good time to have a review of the entirety of the systems you’re currently using. If you’re not happy with some of the software you’re running, now is a good time to make informed choices. We can help you with those decisions, and ensure that the CRM is constructed from the ground up with future aspirations and expansion in mind as well as present realities.

Our preferred technology for building your CRM is Microsoft ASP.Net MVC5 with HTML5 and C# programming, WPF for desktop/tablet components and WCF Web Services to link systems together. We use Microsoft SQL Server for the database, including the central Database Engine, Integration, Analysis and Reporting services. If preferred, we can also work with MySQL or Oracle as the backend database.

How Atlas Can Help You

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Our work

Two of our recent software projects, see Our Work for more Case Studies.

Industries & Customers

We have worked closely with a range of industries and truly understand that no two customers or businesses are exactly alike. This is why we tailor our services and technology to our customers specific business needs.

Our varied and extensive industry knowledge ensures that our software development team are perfectly placed to understand and deliver value to your business quickly and efficiently.



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