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Bespoke CRM Development Services

Achieve your customer engagement objectives with a customised and scalable cloud-based CRM system that doesn’t require licenses for each new user

Bespoke CRM Development Services | Off-the-shelf CRM Systems

An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution should be systemised, centralised, and embedded into the heart of your business operations.

That’s the promise of CRM, and bespoke CRM development is an integral part of our offering, providing a managed and orderly way of helping to ensure the longevity of your engagement with your customers while also increasing efficiency, making savings, and helping to identify new business opportunities.

Why Bespoke CRM Software?

Businesses often spread their customer information across a variety of platforms and systems.

When we engage with a new customer looking to consolidate their existing systems, data and workflows into one CRM solution, we often find information scattered across spreadsheets, databases, emails and so on.

Invariably some guy named “Bob” hacked together a Microsoft Access database five years ago. It just about works, but nobody dares touch it for fear of breaking it because Bob no longer works for the business.

To add an extra element of risk to the equation, the Access database is now mission-critical given that most of the sales and marketing team rely on it. Sound familiar?

Then there are the back-of-the-envelope jottings tucked into notebooks and the considerable range of informal know-how that team members carry in their heads and haven’t had the chance to document properly.

Pulling such a wide range of customer information into one central bespoke CRM allows for that treasure trove of data to be accessed uniformly, consistently and reliably.

Furthermore, integrating the newly created bespoke CRM into other existing systems using an API ensures that data is perfectly propagated across the business quickly and accurately.

Whatever the size and structure of your business, having the full range and scope of your customer data in one location makes sense.

Your sales and marketing teams can foresee opportunities to join the previously unconnected dots and capitalise on the knowledge you have and use it to spot new business opportunities.

Specific examples include:

  • Tailored customer experiences based on insights, and determine the ROI from marketing activities.
  • Powerful insights into potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Real-time sales pipeline tracking.
  • Key customer data is available for reference prior to points of customer contact.
  • Direct integration with social media platforms.
  • Direct integration with other business-critical systems.

The Bespoke CRM Development Advantage

Just like off-the-shelf suits, it’s more often than not the case that off-the-shelf software is never quite right for your particular business needs.

What’s worse, is that off-the-shelf CRM solutions typically contain a wide range of bells and whistles not relevant to your business. This increases the learning curve for your staff who have to learn how to navigate around the features they don’t need and degrades the overall user experience.

A bespoke CRM system ensures you have a CRM that’s aligned with your business, your customers and your business requirements. We can create a web-based, highly available, backed up and user-friendly CRM solution for your team.

We can even take the bespoke element a step further by creating variations of the user interface for each of your departments, showing just the data and features each department needs to go about their daily job.

When you own a bespoke CRM you don’t increase the license fee for the system each time you add a new user. This is your CRM system, not something you only have on a license.

Owning your CRM also gives you infinitely more control over how and where your data is processed, a serious consideration given the GDPR legislation and the cost for not taking care of the data you control.

Bespoke CRM Integrations

Typically even with a bespoke CRM in place, it’s necessary to share the data it holds between other systems within your business. This can include email, accounting systems, marketing software… and so on.

As well as being able to input or pull out customer data relevant to individual users, in addition, the CRM allows for a bigger view across all departments and your business as a whole.

Bespoke Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are also specific to your company’s metrics and targets giving you the information you need to make intelligent business decisions.

Creating Your Bespoke CRM System

If you feel a bespoke CRM development service might be the way forward for your business, why not ask us to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation?

We’ll review the various systems and processes you have in place, and often we’re able to provide advice that with or without a bespoke CRM you can take forward to better automate your systems and processes.

If a bespoke CRM is suitable for your particular needs, we’ll talk to you in detail about how we would go about working with you to create one and help you to sell the benefits to your wider team.

How Atlas Can Help You

If you’re interested in finding out how Atlas could help your business with bespoke CRM development, fill in the ‘Request a Callback’ form below or call us on +44 (0)800 133 7948 for a free no-obligation consultation.

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