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Code Reviews

Atlas offers code reviews that give you an insight into the ways in which your software code can be improved

Code Reviews

Atlas offers code reviews that allow you to experience X-ray insights from our expert developers into how your software code can be enhanced by catching bugs and ensuring that code is readable and easily maintainable.

Most of the time we deal with the mundane, the mediocre. The new car we buy turns out not to be all that. Food at that trendy place is a disappointment. Even George Lucas lets us down. All of which makes the occasional excellence we encounter all the more heartening – and an inspiration for us to stretch and go beyond, to create something special.

What makes a piece of software truly exceptional? For performance of that calibre, you’ve got to think beyond the business purposes it serves, and consider the nature of elegance at a functional level – what would that look like, and how would you achieve it?

Effectively, thinking in this way is directing you to the next level of your skills as a software developer. Which is why it makes sense to have code reviews, from someone who surpasses your understanding and can offer feedback that will develop your coding skills and get straight to the heart of the software project you’re working on. The result? Exceptional, enduring software that’s a smooth experience to use and maintain.

The necessity of dealing with technical debt

Often, code is littered with issues that are never fully addressed in the time allotted to them. The consequence is something called – ‘technical debt’ or ‘code debt’ – the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer to implement in the time allowed.

Over time, those problems grow. What isn’t dealt with at the time becomes the basis for the potential long term downfall of a software project that started out with a blank slate and good intentions. Technical debt hinders functionality, reduces software development to a sluggish pace, and has an all-round negative effect on the continued existence of a software application.

From there, things can only go downhill. The software becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, and those working on it tend to approach it resentfully…which does nothing for the frame of mind they do the work in, and hence the results they achieve – the essence of a vicious circle.

The benefit of code reviews

Just because a software project is in terminal decline, it doesn’t need to continue that downward spiral. A fresh pair of eyes provided by a code review can make all the difference, and as well as boosting morale, will provide practical insights into just how the underlying code of an abandoned software project can be repaired and rejuvenated. Let us know what you’d like the code to be achieving, and what you perceive the problems to be, and we’ll give you feedback to guide you in more productive ways towards achieving that goal. Our experienced software developers will examine your problem code in detail and offer recommendations regarding:

  • The technology used and its overall suitability for the job it was intended for.
  • How straightforward – or not – the code is to maintain, with steps to improve maintenance procedures.
  • Just how secure and scalable your code is, with precise steps to take to increase its efficiency where necessary.
  • Security issues – vital to the overall effectiveness of any software application.

The recommendations we make will be specific to your business needs and provide practical and actionable steps you can take to start improving your codebase as quickly as possible. It’s possible that you might want us to address recommended code changes – if that’s the case then our bespoke development team will be at your disposal.

How Atlas Can Help You

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