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Atlas offers code reviews that give you an insight into the ways in which your software code can be improved

Great software is more than just meeting business requirements with beautiful functionality . The quality of the underlying technology, in particular the code, can have an enormous long term impact on the success and maintainability of your software projects. Code reviews can help.

Technical debt is more expensive than you think

Technical debt is a build up of issues across code in a project that are not fixed in a timely fashion. Often these issues are left due to tight time constraints or because it’s simply easier not to address them at the time.

In the short term these issues can often be ignored but as software projects age or grow in size and complexity technical debt can seriously hinder functionality, slow down development and generally negate the positive impact of a software application.

All of this results in software applications being difficult to maintain, and demotivates the people who have to work on them.

Code reviews can help

Regardless of the age and size of your software project a code review can give you the insight in to the ways in which your underlying code can be improved.

Before we start we’ll listen to understand where you’re struggling, and what you would like to see in your project.

Our experienced developers will then look at and provide recommendations regarding:

  • The technology used and its overall suitability
  • How well the code is to maintain, and steps to improve maintainability
  • How secure and scalable your code is, including steps to take to improve where necessary
  • Security – an important factor in any software application

Our recommendations will be completely tailored to your needs, and provide practical and actionable steps to take to start improving your codebase as quickly as possible. Should you wish for us to take care of the code changes for you our bespoke development team are always on hand to assist.

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