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Data Management Software

A truism you will be familiar with is that this is the information age, and on top of that, the 21st century is also the digital age. Put those two facts together and you get a third: we live in a world of ever-expanding data because the technological tools we have make it simple for us to come up with more and more data. In addition, ease and availability of storage means there’s no reason to prioritise one fact over another – why make do with one when you can have both, or all..?

The situation of continually proliferating information is a major problem for organisations. The bottom line is this: what is the bare minimum someone needs to know in order to make an intelligent decision? With that key question in mind, these others follow:

  • What data will serve your purpose in a given context?
  • How much data do you need to get your point across?
  • What data is a reliable indicator of trends that are worth tracking over time?
  • How do you present relevant information to your customers in a fashion that has the required impact and that can be updated with ease?

Curation – More than storage

Our expertise in bespoke data management software means we can reliably come up with solutions that are robust, flexible, and simply implemented. The beauty of that longtime experience is the potential to apply it in diverse contexts. One of our core competencies is the creation of data management solutions. Yours could be in salmon farming, tree maintenance, or sports training. What matters is that you have key data which needs to be utilised either internally in your organisation, or shared with your customers. We can work with your data to host and present it in such a way that it will have the desired impact for those you want to have access to it.

Think of what the system we create does as curation more than simply representation – it’s not about any facts, it’s about pertinent information, appropriately displayed. There’s no shortage of facts out there in the world – what matters is the right one at the right moment can make all the difference to commercial and strategic decisions. Being able to make that happen on a consistent basis across a range of contexts is what makes what we do an art as much as a science, informed by skills in design and findings culled from the latest research in user experience (UX).

What we learned from Fundipedia

Fundipedia is our most celebrated adventure in this arena to date, mutual fund data management software that we developed with the needs of the financial sector in mind – system users include global players such as Investec. The lessons we learned from developing Fundipedia are ones that have stood us in good stead as core design principles going forward. What follows is our baseline for data management software projects working with customers like you, to be optimised in line with your specific situation and business requirements:

  • Users like to configure a system in line with their own needs. Make the software fit the user, rather than forcing the user to fit the software.
  • Workflow can be customisable too, responsive to new data as soon as it arises.
  • Reports should be easily scheduled – and simple to create, run, save and export.
  • When key data of interest to the system user changes, alert the user.
  • A data system should be flexible enough to cope with a range of user input so they can add words, figures, images, or documents with ease.

It also follows that your data management software solution should be able to work securely and consistently across the storage media you employ, whether you’re making use of the cloud, disks, or flash drives. The other essentials are that the potential for scaling up is taken into account, and that maintenance and upgrades can be implemented with as little disruption as possible.

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