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Atlas Roadmaps

From concept to development ready in 4 weeks

Atlas Roadmaps takes you from high level concepts and scribbled down ideas to development ready in one straightforward workshop.

Effective from start to finish

Whether we’re building our own software products or a customer solution we use our tried and tested Atlas Roadmaps system. This approach ensures consistent delivery of detailed blueprints that help guarantee an effective software project from start to finish.

Comprehensive through experience

Atlas Roadmaps are a comprehensive yet easy to follow process that we have refined across hundreds of successful software projects using our many decades of combined experience.

Delivers the answers

With roadmaps we answer the important questions about your software before time and capital is invested in building it, including

  • What’s the key value proposition?
  • What do we need, at minimum, to take the product to market?
  • What is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Getting to know you

Atlas Roadmaps is the perfect opportunity for our new customers to engage with our team ahead of committing to a full software project.

The road to success

Creating a software solution is a significant investment. Roadmaps ensure that opportunities for success are maximised and potential risks mitigated. Atlas Roadmaps sets your software project off on the road to success from day one.

How do roadmaps work?

A typical Roadmaps Workshop

A roadmaps workshop typically lasts between 1 and 2 days broken down into bitesized, easy to understand, sessions.


1 to 2 days

Session 1

Session 2

First we stay high level and focus on initial user flows and technical discussion. We want to understand your business objectives before we get down to the nitty gritty. Then we create a detailed and prioritised product backlog in Trello alongside wireframes to bring your software project to life. We conclude by creating a prioritised feature backlog, which includes just the feature set necessary for your Minimum Viable Product.

As we move through both sessions we create a Risk Register to document any risks that are highlighted and steps we’ll take to mitigate them.

To-do list


After the Roadmaps Workshop

Following your workshop, we’ll continue to work on a detailed plan for the build and launch of your proposed software solution.

2 weeks


Key milestone

HTML prototypes

Two weeks after the workshop we will follow up with:

1) A detailed Project Proposal which explains how we plan to deliver your software solution, including firm costs and timescales, a detailed risk register and much more.

2) A Key Milestone Document which is an exact breakdown of the key deadlines we will work to.

3) HTML Prototypes. In addition to the backlog, our team creates a clickable prototype of the software solution complete with high-fidelity wireframes

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Atlas Roadmaps start at £5,000 + VAT

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