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When we say we’re not like the software development consultancy you spoke with last week or the week before, there’s a reason for that as you continue in your search for the right software partner…we really aren’t quite like any other software development consultancy we’re aware of.

Our experience is fundamentally shaped by working with startups and appreciating the way they do business. It’s that input that led us to devise and launch software products of our own using what we’ve learned from the startup world. As a result, there are clear distinctions between the way we think and do things, and how the majority of companies in this industry operate. We’re more tuned into the commercial realities of creating a software product shaped for the market, and that evolution has changed the way we do what we do, resulting in the approach we call Team-as-a-Service (TaaS).

All of that makes us as a software development consultancy leaner, more responsive and more self-critical in useful ways. We’re actively willing to find out what the results of our processes are as we engage in them and adjust them along the way in line with feedback from reality, rather than assuming in advance we know what’s what. What you imagine and what happens are never the same, and we’re learning to bridge that gap with a unique quick and dirty style that takes us through iteration after iteration rapidly, ever closer to a viable solution.

Agile working takes you so far – what we’ve learned through being immersed in commercially-focused software products and collaborations with startups has shifted us to more effective ways of getting things done. From all of that, and the years of experience we have together, there are some principles that shape the kind of services we offer around software design, software development, software engineering and software testing.

Stopping the bad thing happening in the first place is better than dealing with what it could do

Remember Y2K? People tend to look back and laugh about what didn’t happen. They shouldn’t. The only reason things didn’t get seriously messed up for a lot of businesses and public services was thanks to the actions of people who realised the major implications of only having 2 digits to let the computer know what 4 digit year it was. The same applies to other things that you can see on the horizon. Crossing your fingers and talking confidently is no substitute for actually getting to grips with what’s going on.

Doing something for the first time

Considering a new software project? Wondering where you should even start? Let’s sit down and talk before you put your thoughts down. Before that even. Quite often the earliest assumptions people bring to a software project are the ones that need challenging most. And we can present those challenges – kindly, over a coffee – to help you engage with the real critical concerns where you should be directing your attention.

We have an array of tools that will make life a whole lot easier. Spend some time on requirements gathering, do some detailed competitor analysis to identify potential gaps in the market that users will thank you for. Then we can get into the sleeves rolled-up stuff of wireframes and building prototypes, which we’ll test and rebuild again and again until we know we’ve got a clear and stable path forward…at least until reality throws another curveball, at which point we will regroup and focus once more.

Revisions to software you’re already working with

The issue with revising legacy software is that the obvious solution is not always the one you need. Whether the issue is moving to the cloud, being overdependent on a particular provider, or extending functionality, we can support you in creating a system with more of the robust resilience and flexibility that your business requires.

We look forward to hearing from you

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Our work

Two of our recent software projects, see Our Work for more Case Studies.

Industries & Customers

We have worked closely with a range of industries and truly understand that no two customers or businesses are exactly alike. This is why we tailor our services and technology to our customers specific business needs.

Our varied and extensive industry knowledge ensures that our software development team are perfectly placed to understand and deliver value to your business quickly and efficiently.



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