Software Testing

Atlas offers software testing from our ISTQB qualified testers to ensure your software project is a total success

Our ISTQB qualified testers and automated testing platform are perfectly placed to ensure your software project is a total success.

Working hard and smart

Whether you’re looking to complement our bespoke software development services team or just outsource your testing needs our fully qualified and experienced quality assurance team can help.

We’ll customise our testing strategy to use the best processes and tools for your particular project. You can trust us to ensure that:

  • The tools and processes we use will be suitable for the level of coverage you need
  • Our documentation is clear, easy to interpret and understand and gives you and your team the confidence you need in your software project
  • Our testers will always seek to find ways to optimise getting your application ready for release

Clever automation for better test coverage

We’re the only UK software development company that has developed an automated functional testing tool to complement our testing services that we’ve named Things Click.

  • Fed up with repeating the same tests over and over again manually
  • Struggling to keep on top of your testing backlog
  • Can’t afford dedicated testing or Quality Assurance hire
  • Constantly finding bugs in your production website because you didn’t have time to regression test
  • Looking for ways to reduce the overall amount of time you spend on testing

We’ll happily configure your tests for you and then leave you to execute your tests as you see fit. Alternatively you’re welcome to take advantage of Things Click in your own time, taking advantage of our team as you need to.

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