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Our background

Atlas was founded in 2007 by two software developers Simon Swords and Dean North, both of whom shared a passion for building software to solve complex business problems.

Having been on the receiving end of poor quality software and customer service, their ethos for Atlas was simple…

“Deliver software efficiently without sacrificing quality, and provide the best customer service experience in the industry.”

With these basic principles Atlas has grown to over twenty UK based employees, each of whom share the same passion for customer service and delivering value. Our team have created hundreds of software solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries including finance, inventory, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

Inspired by the success of our customer’s projects in 2012 we applied our team’s skills to create our own web applications products. These include Staff Squared a HR software application for small businesses, and Fundipedia a data management application for fund managers.

Our products contribute to Atlas’ long term sustainability and also provide us a unique opportunity to test new technologies, processes and tools. The knowledge and successes gleaned from our products is then applied to customer projects, improving our overall service offering.

Atlas today

Our ethos today is the same as when we were founded, and we continue to deliver incredible software solutions and customer service.

Our team will work in partnership with you to design, develop and implement software solutions that will power your business and positively impact your bottom line. We work with a wide range of companies including large established financial institutions to venture capital backed startups.

We’re approachable and enthusiastic. Decades of experience allow us to use agile to deliver software development projects quickly without a compromise on quality. Our services include software consultancy, giving you access to the best brains in the software industry. We also offer code reviews and software testing.

Check out some of our recent work and get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

Atlas’ management team

Each of our managers brings their individual experience, qualifications and knowledge to the team to meet Atlas’ aim of delivering true customer value and satisfaction.

Simon Swords

Founder / CMO

Half geek, half salesman. Simon gets a kick out of building and growing web businesses. Simon has also served on various technology boards for the Federation of Small Businesses and the Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network. He also contributes to a number of online technology communities.

Dean North

Founder / CTO

Atlas’ technical wizard and language polyglot – Dean enjoys meeting with customers to understand their complex business problems and using his skills and knowledge to effect simple yet powerful software solutions. In his spare times he builds 3D online mulitplayer games and researches new technologies.

Jennifer House

Managing Director

Jenny perfectly counterbalances Simon’s passion for technology with a clear and methodical approach to running Atlas. Her focus is strategy, customer happiness and she enjoys partnership working with our customers and suppliers. When she’s not refining our business processes you’ll find her playing Scrabble or reading.

Dave Downs


Dave has a degree in Computer Science and over 10 years development experience. This makes him the perfect CTO alongside Dean to ensure Atlas’ solutions are robust, scalable and of the quality our customers expect. Outside Atlas Dave helps run a local games club, organising events for players in Essex and the surrounding area.

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