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Working at Atlas is about doing what you love.

We employ the best people who are passionate about their work, people who always work to be better, and people who just love building things.

The Atlas Story

Atlas was founded by two software developers, Simon and Dean.

Prior to starting Atlas they worked together for a large law firm in London. During this time they were subject to nearly every conceivable corporate cliche. Toxic culture, office politics, questionable management policies and more.

Having been on the sharp end of an unhappy corporate environment, they vowed to ensure that Atlas would be a place where the staff were not just happy, but genuinely enjoyed what they did, working amongst like minded individuals creating software to be proud of.

In working to achieve this aim they set down nine core values for the business:

  1. We are small and nimble
  2. We are smart and get things done We love ideas
  3. We prefer simple to complex
  4. We lead by example
  5. We build software people want
  6. We obsess over the quality of what we build
  7. We believe in authentic and responsive customer service
  8. We take responsibility for our actions and admit when we have made a mistake

Building on these core values, Atlas has grown from a team of twenty members of staff. A great many members of the team have been with us over five years, indeed some team members have been with us since 2008!

As part of our commitment to you, when you come to work with Atlas in any position these are some of the many benefits you can look forward to the following and more:

  • You’ll work for a company that puts their technology and people at the core of what they do
  • You’ll be given the tools and equipment to do your best work
  • You’ll build solutions using leading edge technology for high profile customers
  • No two days will ever be the same
  • No bullsh*t politics, ever
  • We’ll proactively invest in your professional development

Atlas has ambitious plans for the future, and it’s an exciting time for you to come on board.

Hear from some of our Clever People


These are our current available vacancies at Atlas Computer Systems Ltd, Project Manager, Senior Software Developer and an Apprentice Software Tester

To apply for one of these jobs, please email your CV to with the job title in the subject line. No agencies please.



As a member of the Atlas development team you’ll be responsible for the delivery of high-quality bespoke software on time and within budget. You’ll be responsible for project planning and will drive the full development lifecycle for both new and ongoing projects. Your will ensure that there is clear communication between clients and teams at all times.

You will ensure that our customers receive top-notch customer service, transparent reporting and that Atlas’ delivers real value to their business.


This role reports directly to the Managing Director.


As Atlas’ Project Manager you will be expected to:

  • Successfully manage multiple, complex projects simultaneously
  • Build positive, open, long term relationships with Atlas’ wide range of customers
  • Rally the wider team to ensure that our software solutions are of the highest quality whilst being delivered in a timely, organised and efficient manner
  • Provide effective project reporting to internal and external stakeholders


  • Degree level qualification or equitable, relevant experience
  • Project management qualification or certification highly desirable


  • At least 4 years industry experience
  • Great IT knowledge and skills with a knowledge of Microsoft technology stack being advantageous
  • Demonstrable experience of managing multiple, complex projects
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills and the ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders and colleagues
  • Ability to identify problems as early on as possible and to find and advocate the right solutions
  • Experience and confidence to rally technical teams
  • Understanding of Agile or “lean” principles
  • Commercial acumen and an understanding of business
  • Experience of working within a small business or team
  • Experience of creating a maintaining key documentation and audit trails
  • Committed to learning and continuing professional development


Atlas’ ethos is to “Deliver software efficiently without sacrificing quality, and provide the best customer service experience in the industry.”

The Project Manager will be responsible for managing end-to-end implementation of software systems to Atlas’ customers.

This will include:

  • Delivering the highest standard of project management to new and ongoing software projects
  • Maintaining and improving upon the positive relationships we have with our customers
  • Providing outstanding customer service and relationship management
  • Leading efficient, productive internal and external meetings including customer workshops
  • Corralling the wider technical team into ensuring Atlas delivers high quality, clever software solutions in a timely fashion and within budgetary restrictions
  • Gathering, structuring and tracking information across multiple projects with precision
  • Providing accurate and reliable reporting to key stakeholders
  • Working closely with our Tech Ops Manager and CTOs to organise effective scheduling
  • Building a team-wide comprehensive understanding of business process and terminology
  • Escalating issues in a timely, tactful and appropriate manner
  • Maintain up-to-date time tracking and task status information in accordance with defined process to facilitate accurate project planning
  • Actively participating in conflict resolution internally and externally with clients
  • Looking for and advocating the ways Atlas can improve the quality of the services it provides
  • Identifying and championing cost saving measures or potential time saving techniques
  • Identifying and capitalising on opportunities to gain additional revenue into the business whether this is up-selling other products and services or bringing about new partnerships

Deliver the highest standards of project management by:

  • Completing and reviewing/renewing client contracts
  • Driving an effective requirements gathering process including
    • Working with colleagues and customers to ensure that requirements are clearly communicated and when agreed, properly documented
    • Working with the wider technical team to ensure that user requirements are understood and well communicated to the development team
    • Ensuring that changes to customer requirements are properly agreed, communicated and that a comprehensive audit trail exists at all times
  • Assisting with workshops to investigate user’s requirements and complex business issues
  • Ensuring that customers provide information and feedback in a manner that supports the agreed deadlines
  • Maintaining the highest standards of transparency and communication with our customers
  • Liaising with and driving the technical team to ensure that key deliverables are met within the timescales expected
  • Aiding the flow of communication between the development and testing team to ensure that the team is fully aligned
  • Supplying accurate and reliable project reporting to key stakeholders in the form of budget and performance reports, sprint analysis, burndown charts etc.
  • Creating and maintaining up to date documentation which could include technical documentation, user guides, properly notated development boards, release notes and so on
  • Identifying and mitigating project risk and keeping risk registers up to date and well communicated


  • £Competitive salary depending upon experience
  • Freedom for personal growth and development of your role
  • A peer learning environment and managers invested in employee growth
  • 25 days holiday per year


To apply for the Project Manager position, please email your CV to with the job title in the subject line. No agencies please.



As a member of the Atlas development team you’ll be responsible for helping deliver high-quality bespoke software and database projects on time and within budget. Working as an individual or within a team you will contribute throughout the full development life-cycle for both new and on-going projects.


Reports directly to Technical Director and Managing Director.


As a Senior Software Developer you will be expected to partake in the design, development and testing of clever, high quality systems for customers and for Atlas’ own web applications.

You will be required to take part in or lead the daily SCRUM meetings and to act as Project Lead for customer projects.


Degree level qualification or equal experience in a related subject or field.


  • Expertise in appropriate development languages (C#, HTML, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to lead a team to achieve project deliverables in a timely fashion
  • Eye for detail and identifying problems and solutions
  • An understanding of business
  • At least 4 years commercial experience
  • Self-motivated, able and open to learning and professional development
  • A wider understanding of system architecture and software development best-practices
  • Ability to organize and prioritise work load in-line with business needs


Participate in bespoke software design & development, including:

  • Developing new and on-going web and Windows software projects.
  • Logging error reports in accordance with defined bug tracking process to ensure that bugs are identified and quantified as soon as possible.
  • Investigating and debugging error reports assigned to you.
  • Creating and utilising efficient database schemas, making full use of normalization, indexing and primary and foreign key constraints.
  • Maintaining up-to-date time tracking and task status information in accordance with our time tracking and project processes to facilitate accurate project planning.
  • Liaising with customers where required to ensure we deliver excellent customer service.
  • Providing technical reviews of requirements, organising requirements into sprints and estimating the time required for development.

Deliver all software to a high quality by:

  • Identifying and recording, via development management tools, areas of the codebase that may require refactoring and, where necessary, performing that refactoring with minimal impact on existing functionality.
  • Maintaining and promoting language-appropriate coding styles.
  • Making full use of defined testing practices to help confirm software requirements are being met and to identify and then fix changes that will break existing functionality.
  • Ensuring all source code and database schemas are kept up-to-date and under source control at all times, including providing descriptive commit messages to help track changes throughout project development and maintenance.
  • Raising with your project lead or manager, in a timely manner, any actual or potential problems and risks you encounter during development.
  • Identifying to your project lead or manager any processes, tools or training you think would improve the software we deliver or help you further your skills as a developer.
  • Performing ad-hoc releases and/or hotfixes as required to ensure software remains stable and as bug free as possible.

Lead projects and manage co-workers and partners by:

  • Liaising with the project manager and client to gather requirements and provide on-going project updates.
  • Authoring/contributing to specifications, sprint planning and project management.
  • Ensuring systems and features are designed and implemented in a safe, robust, maintainable way, adhering to software development best practices.
  • Assessing the risks, rewards and impact of prioritising certain tasks over others and relaying that information back to the project manager or client.
  • Triaging bug reports, assessing the risks, benefit, and impact of reported problems versus the amount of time required to investigate and fix and relaying that information back to the project manager or client.
  • Taking prioritised features and tasks and planning sprints within a release to ensure all features are completed on time.
  • Planning time effectively to ensure you and your team can deliver to agreed deadlines within the given timeframes.
  • Pro-actively highlighting to the project manager or client any risks that may impact, prevent, or delay development and/or delivery.
  • Managing the software release cycle so testers have access to new features and fixes with enough time for feedback and corrections prior to release.
  • Providing assistance and mentoring to junior members of the software development team.


  • £Competitive salary depending upon experience
  • Freedom for personal growth and development of your role
  • A peer learning environment and managers invested in employee growth
  • 25 days holiday per year


To apply for the Senior Software Developer position, please email your CV to with the job title in the subject line. No agencies please.


As our Apprentice Software Tester, it will be your job to use the software we build over and over again in order to spot any bugs and mistakes that need to be fixed before the product reaches our clients.

Testing is a vital part of our production process. As well as finding and documenting programming bugs, you will act as the software’s first audience, reporting on its functionality and recommending improvements.

As part of your role, you will:

  • Use software systematically and in accordance with test plans
  • Test versions of our software and perform exploratory testing
  • Analyse its performance against the features agreed in the specification
  • Identify problems and suggest improvements
  • Relay the conditions under which faults were found
  • Check for spelling mistakes and design errors
  • Document each ‘bug report’ to the Project Manager, COO cc the CTO
  • Help the Project Manager prioritise the most serious issues
  • Work to strict deadlines

You will work closely with the management team to ensure the highest quality products are delivered and will also act as the point of customer support after the software is released to the client.


37.5 hours per week


You do not need formal qualifications to become a tester. However, it will be useful to have basic knowledge of programming, and experience of using spreadsheets and database packages. We will want to see proof of your knowledge and enthusiasm for producing quality products; software or otherwise.


In the main, you will develop your skills on the job and the Company will provide guidance and training where needed.


  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A passion for IT and software
  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • The ability to work well as part of a team
  • A tactful manner
  • Good negotiation skills
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Patience and persistence, for repetitive work
  • A methodical and disciplined approach
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Good office computer skills


To apply for the Apprentice Software Tester position, please email your CV to with the job title in the subject line. No agencies please.

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